Just Sayin… Bibles DO Be Trippin’

Were you there when the Bible was written?  No?  Well then surely you were there when Jesus walked on water or when Moses parted the Red Sea.  How about when Mary got pregnant without having sex?  No?  I wasn’t either and quite frankly I have some questions.  The substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen isn’t enough for me.

All I’m saying is that Bibles DO Be Trippin’ and these stories are prime examples.  Imagine if I went to a friend’s house and they asked me how I got there and I responded, “Oh, I just walked right across the lake.”  Can you see their faces?  They’d be like are you trippin’???

I’d say no and go look in the fridge for something to eat.  They probably wouldn’t have much food, so most likely I’d grab a slice of bread and some goldfish and feed us all!  Ridiculous right?

Well anyway, that’s some of what Bibles Be Trippin’ is about – sure we poke fun but if the stories are already ridiculous, at least we can take out some of the haths, shalls and doeth’s and make them funny.



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