Things That Annoy Me…

This is just a little list I started thinking about a long time ago.  Well, like five minutes ago.  These are the top 10 things that annoy me:

10. When you can’t connect to wifi – Don’t say you offer wifi and have the weakest signal ever or your employees don’t know the password.  That’s annoying.

9. Old people drivers – No explanation needed.

8. Airport Security – I want to be protected but the power trip is a bit much.  Look at your little screen and keep it movin’.

7. HGTV’s House Hunters International – Worst show on TV.

6. Kyle Richards – She sucks- old fake ass Demi Moore wannabe.

5. Running out of beer – I get it, it’s my responsibility as a responsible adult to get more when I drink the second to last one but sometimes you don’t.  And it’s annoying.

4. When I can’t find matching socks – talk about annoying!

3. Taylor Swift – I want to run her over with my car.

2. Bibles… Cuz they do be TRIPPIN’!

1. Handicap Parking Spots – First of all, they don’t need that many and everyone deserves an equal opportunity to park close to the door.

Well, that was fun.  I feel better.  There are WAAAAAYYYY more things that annoy me but this list is pretty good and I feel liberated.  Have a good night all.



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