Throwback Thursday

Remember life BEFORE Bibles Be Trippin’??? Phew, thank God for us.





We are very eager and excited to proudly introduce our new book: Bibles Be Trippin’. This is a hilarious, satirical retelling of some of the most popular Bible stories. This cleverly amusing take on historical tales is a collection of ten suggested happenings from the Holy Bible including Adam & Eve, Noah’s Ark, David & Goliath and more. This “translation” of stories is a Newer, Interesting Version that is modern, socially relevant and in layman’s terms, which explains the use of profanity.

Or at least it should. In our opinion, words like “hath”, “shall”, “taketh” and “doeth” are dumb. We don’t use those words today and they aren’t necessary or relevant to these stories. Please keep in mind, this is NOT a bible nor to be portrayed as a new translation or whatever.

Bibles Be Trippin’ is an extremely funny book with a present day interpretation of Bible tales retold in a way that we can all actually understand, enjoy and be entertained by. Hope that you love it!


Stop being cheap and get Bibles Be Trippin’ today!

Not only is it generally entertaining, it’s also this really cool blue that would easily accent any coffee table or office – perfect in work settings.

Great for bathroom sessions and an ideal conversation piece especially when you want to get someone riled up.

Yours in faith,



My Heavens and Earth.. So far

In the beginning, I did some stuff.

Later, I did other stuff…

On the Xth day, I co-wrote Bibles Be Trippin’ & I’m pretty sure God saw that it was good.