Bibles Be Trippin’ is the brainchild of authors Jocelyn & Alayne Ingram


One day, a conscious decision was made to write down suggested happenings and put them in a book. Said book was called the Bible and people would live their lives according to its word. Since no one could live forever to tell the story to future generations, these words would be written that ye might believe, understand and that thou mightest know the certainty of the things wherein thou hast been told.

Ummm, what? Okay, look at it this way, have you ever played the game of Telephone?

It’s where someone whispers a message to you, then you tell the next person, then they continue the message to the next and so on and so forth until the message comes back around. The final version is often radically changed from the original. Makes sense how things could get misinterpreted right?

When we go to read a book, of suggested truth, who’s version are we reading? How do we know if this shit really happened and if so, are these “miraculous works” mere fabrications of things that were really kind of lame?

Bibles Be Trippin’ is a telling of notable tales from the bible that we have all at least heard of. It’s clever, makes you think but still tells the story with an approach that is modern, relatable and in layman’s terms. Which clearly makes it the best satirical book ever written, basically.

P.S. This isn’t sacrilegious. Well, it wasn’t intended to be anyway. Not really.

This collection of short stories is available on Amazon.com, Createspace.com E-store and soon iBooks!


Jocelyn Ingram is a 25 year old Californian who was born and raised in Lansing, Michigan. She is an avid people watcher who lives vicariously through Samantha Jones and Carrie Bradshaw. With a vivid imagination and extremely witty way with words, this is her first book.

Alayne Ingram is 32 years old and currently resides in Lansing, Michigan where she was born and raised.  Cool story huh?  She loves the game of basketball and although she has a job, apparently is also the family technology administrator and fun coordinator.  Pro bono of course.  This is her first book.

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